Brazil’s Miss BumBum pageant went out with a bang. The stakes were high since the competition this year’s edition is supposedly the very last one. When the 2018 winner was crown, a brawl broke out. Ellen Santana, a 31-year-old from Brazil’s northern region, earned the title on Monday night. Aline Uva, a massage therapist from southern Brazil, wasn’t content with the outcome. She snatched the winner’s sash off her body and placed it onto hers.

Uva attempted to justify her actions by accusing Santana of having purchased her assets while also claiming to be the only contestant in the entire contest to show off her natural shape. Her backside did indeed have a natural quality to it, however, Santana remains the winner. Last year’s queen simply brought another sash onstage and crowned the winner a second time. Uva was left standing their looking silly after her outburst was shut down by the identical symbol of victory.

Before then, Santana had kept her cool, gyrating to the music in good spirits and waving around her country’s flag with pride. Now that’s how you keep it classy. The sore loser may have kept the sash she stole, but it would likely be a reminder of the drama she instigated

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